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Great innovation! This was surely the breath of God. Got it for my 6 year old boy. I'm actually benefitting from it. It really simplifies scriptural meditations - F. My boys now quote scriptures with great delight. Indeed learning memory verses is great fun with the Bible Match Flash Cards. It has also helped them to pray better. They quote scriptures now even when they pray. And lastly, it helps them to guide their conduct, now that they know what the bible says.


My children totally love it! They suggested that we use it to start a quiz on bible verses.


Yippee…I just got my flash cards and it’s amazing. Thank you so much for these products. They are real value for money


This is simply amazing. I've been searching for how best my kids can get better proximity with the WORD... and these flash cards is simply perfect. They are easy and fun to read and memorize. I am really impressed. Well done.


I am really impressed with these products. They are easy and fun to read and memorize. well done.


I must commend the good work you have put together. It has been overwhelming since I brought the copy home. My children haven't gotten enough of it, and it really has been impactful. I just want to say thank you again for allowing God to use you on this. Remain blessed.